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Shell buttons: from the sea air

Button is used for both sides of the skirt clothing line connected complexes. The initial role is used to connect clothes Placket, has gradually developed into not only to maintain its original function is more than artistic and decorative, that is personalized. Nice button that can make your costume more perfect, act as a "finishing touch" role. Women's clothing in particular, there are a lot of colorful decorative buttons. Details for: clothes-minded for the button to connect, that is, we often say that the buttons are the other non-wind belt she Connect button to connect skirt was such deduction, but we used the two combined, collectively known as the button button. Childhood of our biggest dream is to go to the beach collecting shells, it is a sign of the sea, is a gift entrusted to us by nature, it gives us of sea air.

Now, we can take that dream to carry the marine atmosphere, the shell buttons with the sculpture out of various beautiful shapes, both beautiful and environmentally friendly, either as a button fitted in a dress, or as a collection share and to retain.

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