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   MA Division Shell Button£ºShell with high-quality raw materials processed£¬Complete specifications£¬14 # -80 # for you to choose£¬Fashionable,Unique technology,Exquisitely,Workmanship,Easy to wear£¬A flat four-hole,Flat 2 hole,Two small side holes,Four Hole Fine Edge,A variety of laser engraved buckle,Staining.Its products are made even more elegant£¬ The button more retro style combined with contemporary elements£¬Just a perfect combination of form.You can use a variety of clothing.Due to natural shell shapes, different colors£¬Each one has its own unique color button£¬This is it different from other buttons£¬More show the unique charm of shell buttons£¬So picture is for reference, all buttons in order to prevail in kind.
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